Case Results

CASE RESULTS FROM 8/23/2017 to 10/5/2017

Commonwealth v. Hern***** (Bucks County – RAPE CASE)

After a successful motion at the preliminary hearing, Attorney Kotik gets the judge to dismiss the following charges: Rape Forcible Compulsion, IDSI Forcible Compulsion, Simple Assault, Indecent Assault Forcible Compulsion, Sexual Assault, and other related charges.

Commonwealth v. Ast****** (Montgomery County – DUI case)

After a successful preliminary hearing judge dismisses the highest tier DUI charge.

Commonwealth v. Dem*** (Montgomery County –Criminal Mischief/Harassment)

All charges dismissed in Montgomery County. Case regarding two witnesses and charges of Criminal Mischief and Harassment.

Commonwealth v. Sain*** (Bucks County, Pennsylvania – Felony Forgery Case)

After a successful preliminary hearing, attorney Michael Kotik, Esq., gets judge to dismiss all charges (Forgery, Publ, Make, See, Etc Access Device Altered, Etc, Access Device Is Counterfeit, Altered, Incomplete, Other Reason Access Device Is Unauth By Issuer, Theft Property Lost Etc By Mistake, Posses Access Device Knowing Counterfeit, Altered, and Theft By Decep-False Impression.

Commonwealth v. Ha** (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)

Attorney Kotik gets Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Use/Poss of Drug Paraph, and Purch Etc., Alchoh Bev By A Minor, dismissed at a DUI preliminary hearing.

CASE RESULTS FROM 6/12/2017 to 8/22/2017

Commonwealth v. Pres**** (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)

Makes Any Materially False Oral Statement) – Felony charge with withdrawn by Commonwealth, through Attorney Michael Kotik.

Commonwealth v. Flet***** (Montgomery County Identity Fraud Cases)

Attorney Michael Kotiks prosecution to withdraw all felony charges. Charges included (Felony Access Device is Counterfeit…, Access Device Issd to Another Who Did Not Auth Use, and Other Reason Access Device is Unauth By Issuer). Client avoids jail sentence. Case resulted in misdemeanor charges only.

Commonwealth v. Fenn*** (Montgomery County Case)

Attorney Michael Kotik gets prosecution to withdraw all criminal charges in a domestic violence case. Client avoids criminal conviction pleads to summary offenses.